Three is a magic number

So here we are – almost unbelievably – three months of the way through 2015. Three has been an important theme for me so far this year…

I’ve been hard at work developing and delivering change communications strategies for three big global clients.

These clients represent three fascinating sectors – energy, mining and engineering.

And I’ve been wearing ‘three uniforms’; consulting on behalf of Carlo Communications and also, GSG Counsel and OgilvyImpact.

Common to all my clients is an immediate need to preserve and enhance employee engagement.

And how am I doing this? Well, I’m using a variety of channels and tactics. Again, the power of three is highly relevant.

  1. My communications strategies always try to address employees’ perspectives from within their teams, their business units and their geographic location. From a top down perspective, developing key messages with this style of triangulation helps ensure message resonance.
  1. Then, I think about the old tell me / show me / involve me adage – knowing that they are all important but also, that focusing on the latter is the fastest route to effecting change.
  1. And ultimately, I ensure my communications are faithfully supporting my clients in effecting want they want their people to think, feel and do.

My clients know I care about the outcomes as much as they do; we’re riding every wave together, and we’re achieving real results. Our objectives for the next three months are to maintain and build this momentum.

But given the tone of this post, it shouldn’t surprise you that I’m also setting three other goals for Carlo Communications for the next three months!

I want to help more clients create best practice internal change communications, so if you or someone you know needs support, let’s talk about your needs.

I’ll also be capturing and sharing topical insights in bite-sized portions, designed to provoke thought and ignite discussion. Stay on the look out for the first installment, coming soon…!

And the third goal? Well, I’m staying schtum on this one for now, suffice to say that it’s a potential game changer and I’m very excited about it. Trust me when I say that as soon as I’m ready, you’ll hear about it here first…!

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