When have you felt most engaged?

Memory LaneHave you ever stopped to reflect on your career, and think about when, where and why you’ve been most engaged in your work?

The first time I did it, I found it to be a really interesting exercise.  I thought about EVERYTHING – my part time jobs during school and university, and every role and assignment since.

It’s no co-incidence that this trip down memory lane supported everything I’d ever heard about employee engagement (and everything you’ll read on this website!).

I’ve been happiest and most productive when I’ve had a clearly defined role and have been able to see how my contribution relates to an overarching grand plan. This was true when I worked in the stock room of a record shop in Brighton in the 90s and was still true when I was helped define and deliver the communications strategy for a major law firm merger a few years ago.

I’ve felt inspired to go the extra, extra miles when I’ve worked alongside people who, like me, value respect, integrity, collaboration, recognition and gratitude. At one such company, we were so proud of the culture we were part of, we used to joke about our blood being the colour of the company logo. Many of those people remain close friends and colleagues to this day and even though we no longer work together, we’re all still passionate advocates of that brand.

And even though I’ve been conscientious in all of my roles, I’ve had a few bosses who’ve inspired me to succeed as much for them as I’ve wanted to for myself.   My boss at the record shop is first on the list; he was such a decent boss that we all worked unpaid overtime so he could get a proper break during the Christmas holidays. He was so grateful, he took us all to the local pub and despite our protests, even gave us cash bonuses out of his own pocket. We had no idea he would do that, but we loved him even more for it!

Notice how that’s the first time I’ve mentioned money. Whilst we all like to be paid fairly (or generously) for what we do, we can probably all confess to having been disengaged in well paid jobs, and actively engaged in poorly paid jobs.

Engagement isn’t only determined by your job title or salary. Those are the things that might attract you to a role, but the strongest determinants of your commitment and engagement at work are much more inter-personal.

Ultimately, engagement is related to whether you feel respected, involved, heard, well led and valued by those they work for and with.  When you think about your career to date, I’ll bet you’ll find lots of evidence to support this.

My mission, through Carlo Communications, is to improve peoples’ engagement through effective communication and communicators – and I’d like to share my skills and experience as widely as possible.

If you think I can help improve engagement levels within your organisation, let’s talk about your needs.

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